For Better Or For Worse

I promised myself I would do weekly marathon weekly updates, for better or for worse. Well, this past week was for worse. I didn’t even run once last week and I think I did about 20 push ups…total. To be honest it all comes down to poor planning. Between the weather, my work schedule, and vacation an entire week passed in the blink of an eye.

The show must go on. I will keep the same goal for this coming week and I’ll have to do a better job of planning.

March 17 – 0 miles

March 18 – 0 miles

March 19 – 0 miles

March 20 – 0 miles

March 21 – 0 miles

March 22 – 0 miles

March 23 – 0 miles

Average – 0 miles

Total – o miles


Weekly Goal – Run 3 times with at least one 6 miler, 20 push ups a day.

1st marathon update

My sister and I are training for the Disney Marathon in January 2014. We are doing it in memory of our high school cross country/track coach. Ros passed away last year from leukemia. She was a very dear friend, in fact she was like a second mother to my sister and I.

My sister is a runner, she always has been. I am not. I ran track in high school, but I always got by on my natural talent. My friend Amanda and I used to run into the woods and sit on a rock during track practice. I also remember running to my friend Laura’s house and watching TV until it seemed like I had “ran” long enough. To be honest, I think the only reason I decided to run a marathon is because I wanted an excuse to go back to Disney World. Either way, it’s the perfect opportunity for my sister and I.

2 weeks ago my sister sent me our marathon training plan. The goal right now is to simply get out 3 days a week for at least a 30 minute run. I am happy to say that I’m off to a good start!!

March 1 – 2.2 miles

March 4 – 3.56 miles

March 5 – 4.73 miles

March 6 – 5.68 miles

March 8 – 4.55 miles

March 11- 4.79 miles

March 12 – 2.8 miles

March 15 – 3.43 miles

Average – 3.97 miles

I have also been doing light exercises as soon as I get back. I do simple leg raises, sit-ups, and about 10 push ups. Nothing crazy, just enough to make my abs burn.

This week’s goal is to run 3 times with at least one 6 miler. Also, 20 pushups a day.