1st marathon update

My sister and I are training for the Disney Marathon in January 2014. We are doing it in memory of our high school cross country/track coach. Ros passed away last year from leukemia. She was a very dear friend, in fact she was like a second mother to my sister and I.

My sister is a runner, she always has been. I am not. I ran track in high school, but I always got by on my natural talent. My friend Amanda and I used to run into the woods and sit on a rock during track practice. I also remember running to my friend Laura’s house and watching TV until it seemed like I had “ran” long enough. To be honest, I think the only reason I decided to run a marathon is because I wanted an excuse to go back to Disney World. Either way, it’s the perfect opportunity for my sister and I.

2 weeks ago my sister sent me our marathon training plan. The goal right now is to simply get out 3 days a week for at least a 30 minute run. I am happy to say that I’m off to a good start!!

March 1 – 2.2 miles

March 4 – 3.56 miles

March 5 – 4.73 miles

March 6 – 5.68 miles

March 8 – 4.55 miles

March 11- 4.79 miles

March 12 – 2.8 miles

March 15 – 3.43 miles

Average – 3.97 miles

I have also been doing light exercises as soon as I get back. I do simple leg raises, sit-ups, and about 10 push ups. Nothing crazy, just enough to make my abs burn.

This week’s goal is to run 3 times with at least one 6 miler. Also, 20 pushups a day.



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