Week 5 Marathon Update

Sad to report that it was another rough week. I only ran 1 day and was sick with a cold for most of the week. I actually used a sick day at work and that rarely happens. I did manage to play in a few soccer games, but overall it was not a successful week.

March 31 – 2.76 miles (20 pushups)

April 1 – 0 miles (0 pushups)

April 2 – 2 indoor soccer games (0 pushups)

April 3- 0 miles (0 pushups)

April 4 – 0 miles (home sick from work) (0 pushups)

April 5 – indoor soccer game (0 pushups)

April 6 – 0 miles (0 pushups)

Average – 2.76 miles

Total – 2.76 miles

Weekly Goal – Run 3 times with at least one 6 miler, 20 push ups a day.

It’s a new week and I think I’ve finally turned the corner on this cold so I will keep pushing.


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