Week 9 Marathon Update

Another week gone by! I had my longest run in quite some time. Almost 9 miles!! Putting a reminder in my phone for push ups is definitely helping. It’s set to go off at 10pm every night because I know I’m usually home at that time. I literally drop and do 20, haha. Tomorrow I start physical therapy for my back again. I have started getting spasms again and I want to be proactive. I would rather prevent than fix!

Here’s how last week went…

April 28 – 0

April 29 – 6.09

April 30- 8.8 (20 push ups)

May 1 – 2.31

May 2 – 0

May 3 – 0

May 4 – 0

Average – 2.6 miles

Total – 17.2 miles

I’m am struggling with finding a rhythm at a slower pace. I know that I need to run a bit slower in order to run longer, but when I try to slow down I feel a little disjointed. I will have to do some research this week about form and such. This is a learning experience for sure!

Fundraising Update

We’ve made even more progress! We are up to $405. I can’t believe how much we have already. It’s really exciting to see the number keep going up.


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