Half way there!

This morning I woke up and decided to do a long run around Cumberland Head. A friend mentioned that it would probably be around 10-11 miles so I didn’t bother to map it out ahead of time. My goal was to run at least 11. It was perfect running weather for me, low 70’s and sunny. I decided to listen to music for a little while because this was my first long run by myself. I wanted to make sure I stayed distracted. I listened to the entire Inisheer album, the band that played at our wedding. Around mile 7 my phone decided to factory reset. So I had no music and no mileage updates for the rest of the run. Overall it was a great run, nothing more gorgeous than having a cornfield to your left and Lake Champlain and the Adirondack mountains to your right. I was pretty thirsty for the last half of the run and my left knee was a little sore for parts. I also had some weird numbness in my left foot that would shoot up my leg every few minutes. One of the problems with living in the city is that I end up finishing my run in the heart of the city with lots of cars driving by. I wish I could put a sign on around mile 8 that says “I’ve already been running for over an hour, please don’t judge.” I felt like I was losing all of my form in the last 2 miles, little did I know I was already over 10 miles!! When I got back to the house I mapped it out on mapmyrun.com and couldn’t believe it. I hopped into my car and drove the route just to make sure. I ran a half marathon today, I’m half way to 26.2!!

Any happy little thought?

Today I met up with my sister and our friend Elizabeth for a long run. We ended up running just over 10 miles. Around mile 6 Josie and Elizabeth started to pull ahead a little bit. I was hot, tired, and super thirsty so I tried to distract myself with my thoughts….

-Peru, NY is an absolutely beautiful place to run.

-It’s really hot.

-My left leg is burning from the sun.

-That is the perfect farm house, I would love to live there.

-I hope that dog doesn’t chase us.

-We must be getting close to the water stop. (my dad dropped off water at the 5 mile mark)



-Oh yeah…we’re only half way done.

-If I stop after 7 miles is that respectable?

-I’m thirsty.

-It’s so pretty here.

-“Go Jenny go!” (that’s in Ros’ voice)

-the tune of It’s a Small World

-When we run in Disney Mickey and Minnie will be cheering us on!

-Just keep running.

-I’m thirsty.

-Oh, we’re not turning here? I thought for sure we’d be turning here….maybe I should turn and meet you guys back at the house. Ok fine, I won’t turn.

-These poor frogs. (so many dead frogs on the side of the road, they were so close to making it all the way across)

-I’m sooooo thirsty.

-It’s really hot.

-In Disney it will be cooler.

-In Disney it will be flatter.


-This will make me look better in a bathing suit.

-Oh, we’re not turning here either? You’ve got to be kidding. I thought for sure we’d be turning here.

-If they go around the upper loop I’m not following, I’m done.

-Good, they didn’t go around the upper loop. We’re almost done.

-Except for this short but steep hill.

-I can see the house!


-I just ran 10 miles!

-Marathons are 26.2 miles….

-What did I get myself into?

We finished in 10 miles in 1:34. We had a faster pace than our last 10 mile run so I’m pleased with that. I’m also pleased that I finished it! It’s amazing what our bodies can do when we push them. Around the 7 mile mark I thought for sure I wasn’t going to finish but I literally forced myself to think of happy thoughts, just like Peter Pan and Wendy. 🙂

Weeks 18 & 19

Consistency is still an issue, but I do have a victory to share!

July 1- 6 miles

July 10- 10.5 miles!!! This is the longest I’ve ever ran in my entire life! To top it off, I played 2 soccer games that night as well.

July 12- 6.7 miles

July 13- 5 miles

Also, week 19 was my highest mileage week so far at 22.2 miles. Overall I’m pretty proud that I’ve picked up the pace a little. I’m super proud that I ran 10.5 miles and let me tell you…that was not an easy run. The first 5 miles was almost all uphill. I was very sore during today’s run because of the amount of running and soccer I did this week.

Weeks 12 – 17….time to refocus

I knew I would hit some road bumps with my training. I also promised myself that I would update this blog with the good and the bad, because no matter what….I will run a marathon at the end of all of this. The lack of updates is a sign that I haven’t been on point with my training. That being said, I certainly haven’t given up. Here is a quick update of what I did run over the last 5 weeks.

May 22 – 4.16 miles

June 3 – 2.96 miles

June 6 – 3.01 miles

June 9 – 3.4 miles

June 18 – 4.99 miles

June 20 – 5.89 miles

June 23 – 4.58 miles

The worst part is that my eating habits have matched my running habits, not a good combo. What’s done is done. It’s time to refocus. My sister got here yesterday and will be staying with my parents for the next month. This is exactly what I need right now to get my butt back in gear. Also, Colin and I have agreed that we need to eat better and are going to focus on eating low carb foods starting today. When I say low carb I don’t mean we are just going to eat meat and cheese. I’m talking veggies, nuts, cheese, fish, meat, water, and fruit. We are cutting out things like bread, english muffins, cakes, and pizza. Obviously it’s impossible to avoid carbs completely so it’s about being smart with where the carbs come from. I will still have cupcakes now and then, all things in moderation. I will never give up my cupcakes.