Weeks 12 – 17….time to refocus

I knew I would hit some road bumps with my training. I also promised myself that I would update this blog with the good and the bad, because no matter what….I will run a marathon at the end of all of this. The lack of updates is a sign that I haven’t been on point with my training. That being said, I certainly haven’t given up. Here is a quick update of what I did run over the last 5 weeks.

May 22 – 4.16 miles

June 3 – 2.96 miles

June 6 – 3.01 miles

June 9 – 3.4 miles

June 18 – 4.99 miles

June 20 – 5.89 miles

June 23 – 4.58 miles

The worst part is that my eating habits have matched my running habits, not a good combo. What’s done is done. It’s time to refocus. My sister got here yesterday and will be staying with my parents for the next month. This is exactly what I need right now to get my butt back in gear. Also, Colin and I have agreed that we need to eat better and are going to focus on eating low carb foods starting today. When I say low carb I don’t mean we are just going to eat meat and cheese. I’m talking veggies, nuts, cheese, fish, meat, water, and fruit. We are cutting out things like bread, english muffins, cakes, and pizza. Obviously it’s impossible to avoid carbs completely so it’s about being smart with where the carbs come from. I will still have cupcakes now and then, all things in moderation. I will never give up my cupcakes.


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