Any happy little thought?

Today I met up with my sister and our friend Elizabeth for a long run. We ended up running just over 10 miles. Around mile 6 Josie and Elizabeth started to pull ahead a little bit. I was hot, tired, and super thirsty so I tried to distract myself with my thoughts….

-Peru, NY is an absolutely beautiful place to run.

-It’s really hot.

-My left leg is burning from the sun.

-That is the perfect farm house, I would love to live there.

-I hope that dog doesn’t chase us.

-We must be getting close to the water stop. (my dad dropped off water at the 5 mile mark)



-Oh yeah…we’re only half way done.

-If I stop after 7 miles is that respectable?

-I’m thirsty.

-It’s so pretty here.

-“Go Jenny go!” (that’s in Ros’ voice)

-the tune of It’s a Small World

-When we run in Disney Mickey and Minnie will be cheering us on!

-Just keep running.

-I’m thirsty.

-Oh, we’re not turning here? I thought for sure we’d be turning here….maybe I should turn and meet you guys back at the house. Ok fine, I won’t turn.

-These poor frogs. (so many dead frogs on the side of the road, they were so close to making it all the way across)

-I’m sooooo thirsty.

-It’s really hot.

-In Disney it will be cooler.

-In Disney it will be flatter.


-This will make me look better in a bathing suit.

-Oh, we’re not turning here either? You’ve got to be kidding. I thought for sure we’d be turning here.

-If they go around the upper loop I’m not following, I’m done.

-Good, they didn’t go around the upper loop. We’re almost done.

-Except for this short but steep hill.

-I can see the house!


-I just ran 10 miles!

-Marathons are 26.2 miles….

-What did I get myself into?

We finished in 10 miles in 1:34. We had a faster pace than our last 10 mile run so I’m pleased with that. I’m also pleased that I finished it! It’s amazing what our bodies can do when we push them. Around the 7 mile mark I thought for sure I wasn’t going to finish but I literally forced myself to think of happy thoughts, just like Peter Pan and Wendy. đŸ™‚


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