Half way there!

This morning I woke up and decided to do a long run around Cumberland Head. A friend mentioned that it would probably be around 10-11 miles so I didn’t bother to map it out ahead of time. My goal was to run at least 11. It was perfect running weather for me, low 70’s and sunny. I decided to listen to music for a little while because this was my first long run by myself. I wanted to make sure I stayed distracted. I listened to the entire Inisheer album, the band that played at our wedding. Around mile 7 my phone decided to factory reset. So I had no music and no mileage updates for the rest of the run. Overall it was a great run, nothing more gorgeous than having a cornfield to your left and Lake Champlain and the Adirondack mountains to your right. I was pretty thirsty for the last half of the run and my left knee was a little sore for parts. I also had some weird numbness in my left foot that would shoot up my leg every few minutes. One of the problems with living in the city is that I end up finishing my run in the heart of the city with lots of cars driving by. I wish I could put a sign on around mile 8 that says “I’ve already been running for over an hour, please don’t judge.” I felt like I was losing all of my form in the last 2 miles, little did I know I was already over 10 miles!! When I got back to the house I mapped it out on mapmyrun.com and couldn’t believe it. I hopped into my car and drove the route just to make sure. I ran a half marathon today, I’m half way to 26.2!!


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