Out with the old and in with the new

I finally decided to get new kicks! The ones I had been running in have seen better days for sure. I bought them about 3 years ago. The bottoms were getting worn out and their is a pretty big hole in the heel where my foot rubs against the inside of the shoe. I have bought Asics shoes ever since high school, but I decided to get some input from my running friends on Facebook and tons of people recommended trying Brooks. I tried the Ghost 5 on and they felt pretty good so I decided to bite the bullet and order them. Luckily they were on sale on the Brooks website so I got a good deal. Regular price is $100 and I got then for $72!

the old



the new!


Before the the new shoes came my shins were aching after about a mile of running. I have ran 4 times in the Brooks and so far I love them! Last night I did an 7 and they felt great. My foot strike feels lighter. The cushion makes a big difference. I don’t think there was any cushion left in my old shoes. Overall I’m super happy with my choice. Yay for new shoes!

Training Update Weeks 20-23

Week 20

July 19 – 10 miles

July 20 – 3.1 miles

Week 21

July 22 – 5 miles

July 23 – 9.5 miles

July 24 – soccer game

July 25 – 7.1 miles

July 26 – 4.6 miles

July 27 – 4.4 miles

Week 22

July 30 – 13 miles!!!!

July 31 – 1.75 miles/soccer game

August 2 – 2 soccer games

August 3 – 2.38 miles

Week 23

August 4 – 1.95 miles

August 6 – 4.84 miles

August 7 – soccer game

August 8 – 4.33 miles

I’ve had some victories over the past month. I ran 10 miles for the first time in my life and a few weeks later I ran 13 miles for the first time ever. The last 2 weeks I have been battling some soreness but my last couple of runs have felt pretty good. It’s hard to believe that it’s already August. Only 152 days until the marathon!! Josie came up with a training plan for us. She’s used a variety of sources online and it looks pretty doable. We are both doing a half marathon in October so she had to plan around that. Disney requires a time from a certified 1/2 marathon or marathon or else you will get placed in the last starting corral.