Post Disney!!!

I did it! I ran my 1st marathon!


The entire weekend was amazing. Combining two of my favorite things into one weekend with my sister was a blast. We stayed at The Art of Animation resort right at Disney.


Art Of Animation has 4 different themes to choose from…Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. From the second we decided to do the marathon I knew I wanted to stay in a Little Mermaid room. These were actually the least expensive the other movies are all “family suites”. Something to keep in mind with The Little Mermaid rooms is that they don’t have microwaves, coffee makers, or refrigerators. Other than that I didn’t feel like I was compromising anything.


The bathroom was really neat because you felt like you were in Ariel’s treasure trove. My only complaint was how dim the lighting was.


The pool at The Art of Animation resort is actually the largest in Disney World. There is another pool down by The Little Mermaid rooms. We brought our bathing suits but never actually got around to swimming, too busy running I guess.


The lobby was very neat. I loved the different colors but my sister and I wondered if the employees ever got sick of whatever color they were standing in all day. The vibrancy of the colors doesn’t show up very well in this picture.


Right after we checked in we headed over to the Expo. Josie and I were like kids in a candy shop! Running apparel with a Disney theme!!!


Unfortunately New Balance was completely sold out of the Disney shoes. We found out later that they sold out on Wednesday of everything except for kid sizes. I was definitely bummed, but decided to be happy that I had more money to spend on other things. I really wanted these Toms…but I couldn’t justify buying another pair when I just got 2 brand new pairs. Maybe I’l buy a fabric pen and try this on my old Toms šŸ™‚


We finished Friday off with a carb loading dinner at Wolfgang Puck. I had the most delicious ravioli I’ve ever had.



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