January Goals Recap

No Target – This goal was a huge success! I only went to Target once the entire month. No only did it save us money, but I ate healthier too.

Eat fruit everyday – 100% success! The key to success with this goal was keeping it simple. Typical Jennie would over think it and try to get lots of variety. Instead, I got simple fruits that stay fresh for awhile. I stuck with bananas, apples, and oranges. I tried a few different varieties of apples and discovered that I really like Braeburns. I used the bananas mostly for smoothies. I found that 2 weeks into this I was craving fruit by the end of the day. The downside to this goal is that I went through a lot of peanut butter! I had it with the apples and used it in a lot of smoothies.

Piano 3 times a week – I probably sat down about 6 times to play. I shouldn’t have put this down as a goal in the first place. I don’t think I should create put pressure on myself about a hobby. If I do it great, if I don’t oh well.

Run 8 times – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Maybe next month….

Movie night – We watched a great variety of movies in January. Silence of the Lambs, Burt’s Buzz, Election, Selma, and Seven. Talk about covering the categories!

Game night – Lost track of how many games we played! Camel Up, Ticket To Ride, Sherlock Holmes, Legendary, King of Tokyo, King of New York, and Machi Koro.

So 4 out of 6 of my goals were a great success!! I can’t believe how fast February came. I guess I should figure out my February goals!


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